Sustainability Efforts

We’ve reached a critical point where every decision we make affects the environment, the climate and other species. At Zenboocha, we’re dead serious about changing our environmental path, so here are some of the steps we’re taking to reduce our carbon footprint.

Minimise unnecessary packaging
All materials used in shipping and delivery like bubble wrap, paper bags, used wine boxes and more, are donated to us by #friendsofzenboocha. Special thanks to Pourdecisions.kl for always dropping us used wine boxes and delicious wines.

Feed the soil
Our used organic materials such as tea leaves and fruit pulp are sent to Ground Control—a resource centre for edible urban gardening—to make healthy, thriving compost.

Make beautiful things 
Apart from making amazing compost, we also send our used tea leaves and rosebuds to our friends at TwoFrens to make natural fabric dye. What you may see as waste, we see opportunities of second lives. 

Minimise food waste
We work hard to reduce waste to landfills, so we connect with local sellers to purchase fruits that are slightly bruised, misshapen and absolutely stunning for juicing. 

Recycle, reuse, repeat
We encourage #friendsofzenboocha to return our bottles so we can recycle and reuse. “But they’re so pretty!”—we know, guys, but our planet is straight up “Damn, son!”.

En route to a farm-to-bottle experience
We are currently growing our own crops in our little farm-in-the-city—consuming less fuel and emitting less greenhouse gases, while ensuring the freshest ingredients for your kombucha.

Every day, we’re learning more and more about how we can be less of a pain to the environment. Got an idea on how we can improve? Do tell.